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Providing you with the tools and technology to future-proof your business in the dynamic payments landscape

The once fragmented industry is undergoing a radical transformation, in which non-traditional players are entering the payment space at an unprecedented rate. Competition is increasing and technology is evolving. Traditional methods of customer acquisition are becoming scarce. It’s time to choose a payment partner that will help attract and retain more merchants in the evolving payments landscape.
Paylidify payment partner

Stand out from the traditional players

Achieve disruptive results with a unique commerce strategy

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Unified Multi-Channel Engagement

A single platform that unifies every transaction environment - online, in store, mobile, and self-service.

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Multi-Processor Platform

Leverage all of the major processing platforms through one partner.

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Open API Integrations

Enable your merchants to connect their commerce platforms seamlessly to our gateway solution.

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Management Software Solutions

Provide your merchants with value-added service by utilizing our industry specific commerce solutions.

Board More Business

Increase your revenue by increasing your client base

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High Risk Acceptance

Increase the bandwidth of your customer porfolio by boarding all types of merchants.

Management Commerce Integrations

Don't be restricted by POS incompatibility. Our commerce integrations will enable your merchant to connect to virtually any POS platform.

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Latest Payment Technology

Attract more merchants by offering the latest smart terminals. From Poynt to Clover, Paylidify has you covered.

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Unique Company Programs

Board the hard-to-reach merchants with our unique programs such as Level 2 & 3 Data, Credit Surcharging, and Same-Day Merchant Funding.

Reduce Merchant Attrition

Extend the lifetime of your residuals

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Multi-Product Platform

From capital lending to management software, Paylidify will help keep your merchants longer by leveraging multiple products for each customer.

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Unique Commerce Value

Give your merchant a commerce experience they won't forget by utilizing our multi-channel, unified payment platform.

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Bandwidth Support

Our operations team will help manage your merchant accounts behind the scenes so you can focus on acquiring new business.

Find out what our partners have to say about us

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Barbara Lowis
“Paylidify’s management software tools gave me the competitive industry advantage I needed with my merchants. I am very pleased to be working with a reputable industry leader in payment technology. When I need their support, the leadership team is very professional and efficient.”

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