Paylidify Capital

Access the working capital you need to make your business run.

Funding you can bank on

Say you want to expand. Or make renovations. Or even upgrade your equipment. Borrowing money through a loan isn’t the only option. In fact, it’s easier than ever to get the funds you need through Paylidify Capital, a program that turns your future credit card sales into working capital. Say hello to a better way to borrow.

Sales into extra $$

Sure, you’re a small business. But that doesn’t mean you don’t dream big. That’s where Paylidify Capital can help.

Fast Process

Standard loans aren’t for everyone. And they definitely aren’t simple, one-page applications like Paylidify Capital.

Quick Funding

Once you’re approved you’ll see cash in your account within just 5-7 days.

How does it work?


To start, just tell us a bit about you and your business. It’s quick.


Your cash advance amount is based on your average monthly Visa/MasterCard processing.


Now you won't get stuck with a fixed payment that your current sales can't support.

Why Cash Advance?

Let’s face it, loans can be stressful. And making payments isn’t always easy. Because a cash advance is based on future sales, you’re borrowing what you know you can repay.

Change Space

A cash advance can help fund the renovation or expansion your business desperately needs.

Stock Up

Whatever inventory you’re running low on, a cash advance can ensure you don’t run out of it.

Promote Yourself

Want a bigger marketing budget? Use a cash advance to advertise your business and gain exposure to more customers.


Get approved quickly with minimal documentation required.
Go about your business confidently with our high approval rates.
Receive funds in as little as 3-5 days.
Repay the advance daily through your merchant processing.
Renew your cash advance for additional funds.

Ready to get funding for your business?