Paylidify Security Solutions

The new standard in transactional data security

Paylidify security solutions

Detect and eliminate fraud with Paylidify’s advanced suite of payment security tools

Paylidify’s risk management and security solutions offer real-time fraud detection and prevention that help differentiate between legitimate and fraudulent transactions. Save money, and prevent fraud by leveraging our tokenization & encryption tools designed to provide end-to-end data security for all card transactions.

Paylidify security tools

Fraud Prevention & Payment Security Tools

Paylidify Security

Tokenization & Encryption

PCI Compliant encrypted & tokenized customer credit card and account data storage

Data Breach Protection

$100,000 data breach coverage

PCI certified compliance

Automated and integrated web-based process to become PCI certified in minutes


Paylidify Security Plus

Includes everything in Paylidify Security, in addition to:

Account Updater

Enable uninterupted payment for your customers by seamlessly updating card on file account information

Real-Time Fraud Detection

Real time transactional scrubbing that helps differentiate between legitimate and fraudulent shoppers


Security Add Ons

Payer Authentication

(verified by Visa)

$13/month + $0.10/item

$250,000 in Data Breach Coverage

Additional $15/month

Protect your business today with Paylidify’s security solutions